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Power of A Woman Album

Power of A Woman Album

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Power of a woman is for every woman who has ever been in a relationship of any kind that didn’t measure up. A relationship where upset, disrespect and neglect were stuck on repeat. The pain so overbearing yet you continued to look back and recount the days, months or years you’ve invested in this relationship.

Power of A Woman was written and recorded after September 11, 2001. When those World Trade Center Towers came falling down, my world crashed along with it. All relationships in my life began to crumble. Marriage, false friendships and family frameworks came unhinged. 

I wrote this album to heal my own world as well as that of my closest circle of sister-friends and now I want to share it with you.

Power of A Woman is for you if…

You have held on to the memories of good times for so long until you can barely remember the details. You cannot recall the last time anything positive was done in your honor or in appreciation for the time and efforts that you have given. You cannot even remember the last time that you felt happy. You have recently blown up at someone, kicked them out, walked out of a situation you could no longer bear or all of the above.

Power of A Woman is about healing. Healing as only a woman can. There is lots of raw pain and disdain in the refrain of these songs. You can hear, that I have been there. I “went there” on a lot of the tracks so that you can safely go there too. Get it out. Get it all out! Scream, Cry, Shout! Then get physical. Dance, Run, Bike or Sing at the top of your lungs. Move it out of your body. Movement helps to move the pain out fast. Shake your butt now. Swing those hips. Jump on a trampoline, Jump Rope, Hula hoop or Power walk.

The key is to get the anger out. The anger for staying too long. The anger for throwing pearls before swine. Anger for not seeing the signs and anger for not following your intuition. When all of the anger is out, you throw the royal F-Bomb. Not that one:), I’m talking about forgiveness.

Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of the other person or people in your drama. When you release the F-Bomb it brings with it, cleansing and transmutation. I’m sure you are wanting to light the negative one right now but hang tight, once you get through this cycle you are going to be vibrating at such a high level that you will glow with positivity.

The cycle of true healing goes something like this. Hurt, pain, anger, forgiveness then finally healing. You can move quickly through all of the levels or you can take your time and marinate in each one. I went through it and I am telling you that the longer you sit in hurt, pain, and anger, the longer it will take you to forgive and to move on to the life that you want. Once you get to Forgiveness, you will feel an opening like never before. The karmic debt will be paid not just you but for everyone in your path. Your glow will heal people.

As women, we sometimes simmer silently in the shame of the game. You are not alone. There are other women who have gone or are going through the same thing. As you listen to these songs you will hear that I have been there too. In the darkest hour during your river of tears please know that you Are a powerful woman. The power of a woman can NEVER be contained.

If you are currently experiencing darkness, not feeling respected or heard, listen to Power of A Woman daily. Allow the words to soothe you and to build you back up.

If you need to validate your anger, listen to Scream, Had Me or Damsel.
If you just need to cry, listen to Butterfly Blues or Never Trust A Man.

As your anger lessens, listen to Same Ole Music.

Play these songs as often as needed to help you heal. When you feel ready to move on, listen to Reflection and Evil Ways.

When you finally feel ready to move on, listen to Positive Vibes and Fly So High.


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