Ezina is a musician, author, singer-songwriter, yogi, and a philanthropic humanitarian. She is one of the foremost musicians leading the rock renaissance, with her unique style reflecting the fusion of rock music with different music genres including soulful beats, funk, and sacred chants.

She normally uses her poems and music to convey inspirational messages to her audience, with her focus being empowerment and the need for people to address and deal with salient concerns such as injustice, oppression, and spiritual warfare.

Ezina's entry into the music industry was fraught with challenges, with the most significant challenge being the dissonance created by the conflict between her spiritual beliefs and the reality in the music industry. Nonetheless, she learned to co-opt her devotional practice to her music-making schedule.

During this time, she also discovered the hypnotic effect created by inspirational music.

Driven and energized by her desire to exalt her uplifting music by incorporating befitting sacred information into the musical content, Ezina set out to study divine and sacred texts from different religions.

Accordingly, she internalized sacred teachings, which allowed her spiritual practice to guide her daily living.

Her study of different religious texts also revealed to her the commonalities among all the major religions, chief among them being the use of allegories and parables to teach the neophytes (or students) the importance of peace, kindness, and unconditional love.

Consequently, she came to admire all religions, and this also made her at ease with visiting any House of God.