New Blood From The Soul

New Blood From The Soul

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New Blood from the Soul is my second collection of poetry. It has been hanging out with me for far too long. Life has been holding up the release of this collection of poetry and the universe has dictated that now is the right time to release it.

When I really took the time and thought about the reasons why I hadn’t released it, I was left with my own selfishness; my apparent unwillingness to let go of a work that I love so completely. It wasn’t until a friend said to me “what are you waiting for to release that darned book?” that I finally agreed to set this child free and give it a life of its own.

It was written during my own personal hurricane, which began shortly after a month-long stay in Southern Italy and concluded after a month long trip to Greece.

During the three years of writing, I lived and died a thousand times. I re-thought and re-lived so much of my memories that I cried inside until the dam burst and forced every emotion from the inside to come out. I thought that I was alone until I confided in friends and found that we all were privately doing the same thing. Re-writing our lives and making new rules to live by.

We were all unearthing the New Blood from our Souls. Written mostly in New York where once upon a time I could gaze outside the window and view the World Trade Center Towers. I am still blown away by the events that I witnessed outside my window. So many wonderful souls, gone in one day. But in the spirit of their sacrifice, I pray that one day we will all heal from the horrors of that day and most importantly, that we never forget to tell the people close to us how much they mean to us and that we love them dearly.

My life totally changed that day from being one of dormant procrastination to one of action and purpose. I read something that inspired me and I wish that I could remember where... It said do you want to die with your music still inside of you or do you want to die all used up? I choose the latter. This work comes from many mediums...television, friends, family, music and prose So Finally without further delay. New Blood from the Soul.