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I have always been a seeker. Maybe it’s because I was born on All Saints Day.

Perhaps it’s because my family was always bouncing from religion to religion and from church to temple.

No one in my family was ever satisfied and neither am I. I’m told I’m an old soul.

I find myself digging deeper into the esoteric looking for a reason, hoping for answers to the questions of the universe and more importantly, how I can get out of the constant feeling that there is a huge elephant in the room that is being ignored.

I didn’t want to be born. I was late. Very late. Like over a month late. I am told I had a twin who bailed on me before we took our first breaths in this lifetime. I often wonder about her, and if she could see clearly that this life was going to require a ton of work that she was unwilling to partake in.

Or perhaps that she would be better off as my guide, guardian angel or devil on my shoulder. I don’t know which role she is operating from so I choose most of the time to pretend she never existed.

That is until I am boiling in hot water. Then I reach for her and ask if she is in touch with my spirit guides and if so, that Now would be the time for them to work their magic.

Sometimes they save me, sometimes they let me eat dirt. A couple of times they nearly let me drown. When I nearly drown, I curse them and swear that payback will not be pretty.

To know me is to know that I am a geek. A voracious reader and when something stirs me, I will follow it ‘til the end. Enter Spirit.